Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Monday!

We took our extended family pictures yesterday, 
and I couldn't help cropping our little fam to these three boys of mine!!
Hoping to get our family pics done in the next couple of weeks!!

Lots of muffins on Saturday morning!! 
These were gone before I could blink...we love muffins!!

Merritt and I built a fun Lego Jack-o-lantern, while McCoy fed cattle with The Farmer.
I adore lazy Saturdays at home!!

I tried painting Aztec prints on these pumpkin, like the pic I shared last week...
TOTAL fail! It was bad!! I wiped it all off and decided to use vinyl instead!! 
LOVE how these tuned out!!

Little dudes ready for Church! McCoy is just loving Sunday School and Merritt is too!

They got haircuts this afternoon and Merritt has school pictures tomorrow...
better get some smile practice in before bed!! hehe!! Happy Monday!! :) 


Saturday, September 23, 2017


It was Homecoming week at school this week! 

Merritt loved dressing up every day! 
Pajama Day, Neon Day, Wacky Day, Class Color Day, and School Spirit Day!

We went to the Homecoming Game last night and they had soo much fun!

Some of Merritt's friends from his class were there!

halftime score!

One of our babysitters, Emma (and her little brother), were playing in the band! 
They did a great job!!

We ended up leaving after halftime. We were planning on it anyway, but McCoy had a meltdown of epic proportions that sealed the deal! The cheerleaders were throwing little blue footballs to the crowd and he wanted one SOOO badly! Well he finally got one, only to accidentally drop it down on the track, one of the cheerleaders saw it and threw it back in the crowd, not knowing that it was his. Epic yall...epic!! Bless his little heart!! About this time, Merritt decided that he was upset over the lost football as well! Oh boy was it time to go! Coy finally calmed down when we got to the car and declared that his Whoopie would get him a new little football, Merritt agreed this was a good solution as well...Honey, you have been warned!! haha!!

Even with the ending bit of drama, it was a very fun night! We just love our school and the boys can't wait to play football when they get big!! Merritt even had to try on The Farmers old jersey when we got came down to his toes!! hehe!


Friday, September 22, 2017

Yesterday and Today!

Merr had such a fun time at the Pumpkin Patch! 
All the kids got to pick out a pumpkin and this is the one he chose! :) 

We got out our Crayola Dough yesterday. I just love this stuff! Way better than Playdoh in my opinion!
It doesn't make as big of a mess and feels more foamy!

Then we did a little Halloween craft!

The only spiders I want in my house!

As predicted, he loved his new lego jammies!!

We have been on a Berenstain Bears kick lately and I LOVE it!!
They are my all time fave and the boys love them too! 

Today, during our daily playtime with Topper, McCoy wanted him to take a picture with Jakey!

Success, sort of! hehe!

Then, since I haven't been able to get my mind off that little turquoise 
truck that I passed up at Micheal's...I made this one!! Soo cute!!


Thursday, September 21, 2017


Yesterday Merritt started Lego Club at the Library! 

He had so much fun!! 

Merr got to go Chop with The Farmer after Lego Club!

It looks like McCoy was upset, but the sun was just in his eyes!!
He had his turn earlier, and was ready to go home to play with Topper the Cat!

Farming Buddy!

Got my fall decor up!

Excited for these to bloom...even if they are going to be white! 
That's all they had left!

But this yellow one is gorgeous! I just LOVE Mums!!!

Topper boy loves his home in Jake's barn!

For some reason these pj bottoms did not have a top, 
so I got a plain orange shirt and put a Halloween Lego man on it!!! 
Merritt is going to LOVE it!!
He had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch today, so we are anxiously awaiting him to get home, so we can hear all about it! 
Or at least hear whatever he decides to tell us!! haha!


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