Monday, December 24, 2012

Elves Day Eight!

On the last day of the Elves visits he got farm Little People!! :) He has had 24 days of farm Little People in his advent calendar too! Safe to say we have the entire collection!!

Today, we are packing and trying to get everything ready to go to Mississippi! We are leaving in the morning after our little man opens his gifts and sees what Santa brings him! Can't wait for his first Christmas and can't wait to see my fam!!! Soo excited :)


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elves Day Seven!

Today we got some dairy Little People, another book, and Home on The Range DVD!

This is all the goodies his "auntie" Lacie sent him for Christmas and Birthday. Love these Melissa and Doug Puzzles, and the tractor is actually a flashlight that makes noise, can't wait for him to use the adorable placemat!! :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Moss Christmas!

 We celebrated Christmas with Craig's Family today, Merritt got so much fun stuff! Enjoy the pics :)

The cousins with JoElyn!

Reading the Christmas Story


Go Jacks!

book and bath toys!




Merritt just loved what we got for Macy!! Hehehe!!

The football players! notice the little "princess" in the background! ha!

John Deere sit and scoot!!

My best present :)
go, go, go!
he loved the box :)

all his loot!
I got the Ox and Goat for my Willow Tree Nativity and ticket to see the Lion King off Broadway in March so excited!! :)

Thanks so much for everything!

Elves Day Six!

Today we got fun bath stuff  :)



Friday, December 21, 2012

Elves Day Five!!

More books!! :) also some car wash/garage Little People, and Bob the Baker with book!

just so you know, Schwesers at the Sioux Center mall, has a TON of super cheap inexpensive fabulous Christmas books :)

I just adore how cute he looks in these pants!

my precious little boy :)


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Babies First Haircut

This afternoon Merritt got his first haircut and I cried like a baby! Safe to say we wont be doing that again anytime soon!!


Elves Day Four!

This morning the Elves brought three more books and Mrs. Clause!! It's hard to believe, but in ALL the Christmas Little People stuff we have, there was no Mrs. Clause in any of the sets! So of course, we had to have her :) Perhaps I should keep her on a high shelf since he has a tendency to hide the girl figures!! :) He was in a silly mood this morning, so we took lots of pics!!!



a touch annoyed?!?




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